Initiatives for Environment

カンボウプラス株式会社 カンボウプラス株式会社

We strive to protect the global environment and nature and continue to provide safer products.
We aim to be an "Kanbo's environment".
"Basic Environmental Policy" We aim to reduce the environmental burden in our corporate activities centered on the production of industrial materials, industrial materials, daily life materials and other resin processed textile products, and act in accordance with the following policies.

  • 1.We cooperate with local communities, value dialogue, and contribute to society through environmental management activities.
  • 2.In our business activities, we save resources, reduce waste, and manage environmentally hazardous substances.
    We will work to maintain and improve the environment, including the prevention of pollution.
  • 3.By conducting regular internal environmental audits, we will confirm the implementation status and results of environmental management activities and strive to continuously improve the environmental management system.
  • 4.Environment-related laws and regulations related to our business activities and other matters will comply with the requirements.
  • 5.We will set environmental objectives and targets for environmental aspects related to our business activities.
    In addition, the environmental objectives and targets will be reviewed once a year along with the environmental policy.
  • 6.Environmental policy is documented as an environmental policy document and executed by the environmental management system.
    To maintain.
  • 7.We will educate and train all employees so that they will be aware of the environmental policy and act in accordance with the policy.

Revised April 1, 2008

This environmental policy will be announced as required by external parties and other needs.
We have promoted the use of JR container flights as much as possible with the understanding of our customers, but in fiscal 2019 it was even lower than in fiscal 2018. In recent years, the shipping format has changed, and the number of large-scale shipments by charters has decreased, and the opportunities to use JR containers have also decreased.

ISO26000 comparison table

Efforts and related SDGs for the seven core themes and challenges of ISO 26000 contrast.

Core subject of ISO26000 Task Initiatives for Kanbo Pras SDGs
Human rights 1. Duty Intelligence
2. Human rights crisis
3. Avoiding complicity
4. Complaint resolution
5. Discrimination and vulnerable groups
6. Citizen and political rights
7. Economic, social and cultural rights
8. Basic principles and rights in labor
Other Education for employees involved
Employment extension system
Work-life balance
Whistleblower system
Labor practices 1. Employment and employment relations
2. Working conditions and social protection
3. Social dialogue
4. Occupational health and safety
5. Human resource development and training in the workplace
With society Involvement Small group activities SDGs SDGs
Other Education for employees involved
Promotion of official qualification acquisition
Employment extension system
Work-life balance
Occupational Safety and Health
Environment 1. Pollution prevention
2. Sustainable use of resources
3.Climate change mitigation and response to climate change
4. Environmental protection, biodiversity and Restoration of natural habitat
With the environment Involved environmental policy
Efforts to prevent global warming
Energy consumption and CO2 emissions
Efforts to reduce waste
Correspondence to PRTR method
To develop products that reduce environmental impact
Initiative Green Promotion Activity
Fair business practices 1. Anti-corruption
2. Responsible political involvement
3. Fair competition
4. In the value chain
Promotion of social responsibility
5. Respect for property rights
Other Education for employees involved
Whistleblower system
Consumer issues 1. Fair marketing, factual
Unbiased information and fair contract practices
2. Protecting consumer health and safety
3. Sustainable consumption
4. Service, support, for consumers,
And resolution of complaints and disputes
5. Consumer data protection and privacy
6. Access to essential services
7. Education and awareness raising
Relationship with the environment Correspondence to the PRTR
Law To develop products that reduce environmental impact Effort
Participation in the community And community development 1. Participation in the community
2. Education and culture
3. Job creation and skill development
4. Technology development and access to technology
5. Creation of wealth and income
6. Health
7. Social investment
Environmental Relations Green Promotion Activities SDGs SDGs
Other Involvement internship