Industrial Fabric

We manufacture and sell canvases in response to customer needs, centering on OEM products such as canvas and decorative tents. We also develop and sell high-quality film materials that use photocatalysts.

Functional Material

This section provides canvas products that meet the demands of the industrial materials field. Pursuing functionality and originality, we aim to develop products that will build the environment of tomorrow.

Finished Products

We provide final products to the needs of our customers such as our original sewing technology (high frequency welder, sewing machine, heat welding, etc.)

Signage and Events

Sheet materials pursuing functionality such as FF sheets, non-combustible sheets, IJ media, various curtain material extension systems, floor graphic materials, LED lighting, etc.
We provide a wide range of needs from parts sales to finished product sales.


LED vision, digital signage, with consistent support from design, production management, and on-site construction management as a first-class architect office. We carry out construction nationwide, from small to large signboards.


By combining a base material such as a woven fabric or film with a resin according to the application, we aim to be a factory that provides industrial materials (membrane materials) that are useful to society by adding new functions that take advantage of the characteristics of the materials.

Architectural Design

We have three first-class architects from planning, designing of film materials, structures and signs, from structural calculation to confirmation application, from various design work to new product development.

International Buisness

Our International business team is a solution provider with deep expertise in the industrial materials business field.